Insurance Claims Management Services - Insurance Claim Processing & Insurance Claim Management

Insurance Claims at Zurich North America are processed through one common claims management system based on centers of expertise that enhances the efficiency of the insurance claims process while reducing costs. Our organization is driven to offer unparalleled customer experience, loss-cost management excellence and world-class efficiency.

Insurance Claims - Insurance Claim Processing & Insurance Claim Management

Zurich North America continually searches for ways to enhance the insurance claims process and value to our customers. Technology plays a key role in our success. Automation allows us to undertake virtually paperless insurance claim processing & claims management where the resulting savings are passed on to our customers. With our automated insurance claims management systems, we can send information from one center of expertise to another in different parts of the country instantly. This improves efficiency and communications by linking everyone involved in the process - adjusters, managed care case managers and the customer - into one electronic claim file.

We use a number of cost containment programs in each line of business to help control costs and better insurance claim management. For example, we have adjusters who specialize in market segments such as retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. Such segmentation lends a greater degree of expertise in insurance claim processing in specific areas.

Benefits of our Insurance Claims Management Services

Insurance Claims Reporting - Professionals at our Insurance Claims Reporting Center are available 24 hours a day to take reports by toll-free call, fax, or over the Internet. Your notification triggers the electronic claim file setup and alerts an early intervention nurse if needed.

Insurance Claim Handling - All claim file documents are imaged at a central facility and electronically routed through a network to the appropriate claims handler, who then works from a virtual file. This handler uses an integrated claims workstation that allows him to manage and deal with all aspects of a reported loss electronically. In this electronic environment, we can collaborate more easily with each other and work with colleagues in other areas - from managed care and litigation management to salvage and subrogation.

Because Zurich North America has many facilities nationwide, the insurance claims management specialists have become familiar with local laws and regulations pertaining to their specialty area. This brings an added skill set to the insurance claims processing and management.

Insurance Claim Management - Litigation is reduced when claims are responded to promptly. Zurich North America attends and responds to every enquiry made.

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