Risk Management

The Zurich's Environmental division has a dedicated risk management staff of licensed and trained attorneys. Their role is to manage legal and risk management issues and to facilitate communication between underwriting, risk engineering, claims and clients. Additionally, they provide a wide variety of legal and risk management services to brokers and customers, including individual customer contract review and educational seminars. For more information, contact:

Northwest Region
Larry Crocker
E-mail: larry.crocker@zurichna.com

Southwest Region
Alex Liu
E-mail: alex.liu@zurichna.com

North Central Region
Ron Anderson
E-mail: ron.anderson@zurichna.com

Mid-Atlantic Region
Steve Collett
E-mail: steve.collett@zurichna.com

South Central Region
Shawn Tate
E-mail: shawn.tate@zurichna.com

Northeast Region
Matt Milano
E-mail: matthew.milano@zurichna.com

Southeast Region
Jeff Wyatt
E-mail: jeff.wyatt@zurichna.com

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