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    Risk Engineering* – understanding risk across your business

    As a small business owner, you're responsible for the loss control activities at your company. This involves providing a safe workplace for your employees. Having an effective safety plan can help reduce workers' compensation insurance costs by reducing the risk of employee accidents, along with the costs associated with downtime and lost productivity. Zurich offers risk engineering solutions – comprised of tools, reports and information from literally millions of past claims from nearly every industry segment -- that can help small businesses minimize and better control losses and improve their bottom line.

    * Risk Engineering services provided by Zurich Services Corporation

    Virtual Consulting – getting specific

    Virtual Consulting is Zurich's Web-based tool providing access to valuable loss control information, including industry-specific reports on applicable exposures and valuable loss control strategies. The program is ideal for business owners who may not have training in safety and property protection programs, or the time to research issues that would help them reduce on-site exposures. Virtual Consulting helps companies distribute loss control information quickly and economically to all applicable employees.

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    Zurich Safety Plans

    As part of our Virtual Consulting Program, Zurich Services Corporation is working closely with OSHA Fast Fix, Inc., a leading provider of written OSHA compliance plans, to provide Zurich Safety Plans – a suite of OSHA-oriented safety plans – to Zurich customers. These plans address not only the specific exposures identified, but OSHA requirements for written safety programs as well.

    A Zurich Small Business Safety Plan Starter Kit is available to Zurich customers. The kit includes the following plans.

    Injury and Illness Prevention Program – Workplace Security Plan
    Injury and Illness Prevention Program - Workplace Security Plan
    Office Safety Plan
    OSHA Safety Forms Kit

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