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Zurich North America is a leader in harnessing technology to streamline and expedite insurance transactions—and to help make our brokers' and agents' jobs faster and more efficient. Explore Zurich North America's eBusiness abilities and see just how fast and efficient the process can be. And when you're ready to give your business the technological edge, please contact us.

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Below is listed the eBusiness you have access to, along with the features that are available online by Zurich North America. Click on the links to find out more about these online processes.

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 More eBusiness Options
The following additional eBusiness services may be of particular interest to you. To learn more about any of these services, contact us.
Boiler Inspection Request Online - Regular boiler/machinery inspection is critical to the proper functioning and safety of your facility. As an added convenience, Zurich customers may now request boiler inspection online.

Business Interruption Coverage Calculator - The BI coverage Calculator was built to reduce the guesswork and variability involved in evaluating business interruption exposures and calculating coverage needs.

Construction Builders Risk - Residential Policy - learn about the ability to issue a Residential Builders Risk policy in under 5 minutes online.

Crimson - Risk Engineering's Crimson provides a powerful customer service reporting system online. It gives our corporate customers instant access to their global risk assessment data; ready to interrogate and to assist in managing their business risks.

E-Risk Questionnaire Online - Zurich's E-Risk Questionnaire is a free online survey designed to help you assess the security of your IT systems and identify security gaps that you want to evaluate and control further.

eZSB - the new quick quote site for Small Business agents.

Financial Enterprises Forms Library - Access forms for Zurich North America Financial Enterprises

FirstReport ONLINETM - FirstReport ONLINETM, provides both large and small employers a secure, online OSHA record keeping service for occupational safety and health incidents. The "Incident Description" entry form will also produce state specific "First Reports of Injury" and provide management reports.

Health Insurance Center - a customized internet-based health insurance marketplace for Small Business agents.

Impairment Notification/Restoration Permits - Impairments to fire protection systems can prove to be disastrous in emergency situations. This tool provides information, instructions and utilities facilitating impairment notification and restoration of fire protection systems via Fax, e-mail or online.

IRMI Onlinetm - learn how to reduce losses by increasing knowledge and understanding of current contract management issues through the Contractual Risk Transfer reference manual. Each month you will also receive new ideas, tips and tactics to help manage your construction business.

IRS Forms 1099 and B-Notices - Information for 1099 and B-Notice forms

Risk Features - Zurich Risk Features is designed to help our customers and brokers better understand the risk grading process and allows us to work together in reducing risk for the benefit of both Zurich and its customers.

RiskAccess - learn about the ability to obtain current claim information and adjuster's notes online through the RiskAccess product.

RiskImage - learn about the ability to view claim file documents online through the use of the RiskImage product.

Small Group Disability Connection - Introducing Zurich’s Small Group Disability Connection. A competitive disability insurance program now available for small business agents.

Surety Bond Validator - Use this quick and easy search to determine if a bond has been reported and authorized by Zurich.

Surety Bond Forms - Access forms for Zurich North America Surety


Virtual Consulting - provides innovative risk engineering solutions and services that can optimize operating performance and accelerate financial results.

Virtual Risk Manager - Airbrakes - Delivers state-of-the-art driver training on airbrake systems to prevent crashes caused by brake defects, safety violations and costly roadside brake repairs. This technical training product is designed to give drivers and technicians a through understanding of the air brake system.

Virtual Risk Manager - Fire - A state-of-the-art system to help businesses reduce their risk of fire and comprehensively train employees on prevention/recognition techniques and safe emergency procedures.

Virtual Risk Manager - Fleet - The world's first interactive motor fleet risk management tool kit. Virtual Fleet Manager enables you to do online fleet auditing, driver risk assessments and defensive driver training with full management reporting.

Virtual Risk Manager - Forklift - Delivers state-of-the-art forklift operator training and hazard profile assessment. This is not an OSHA training product but instead a on-line product designed to assess a forklift operator's hazard profile.

Virtual University - Risk Engineering's Virtual University contains a range of low cost health and safety e-learning courses, incorporating a learning management system along with automated compliance recordkeeping for individuals and enterprises with government-mandated training requirements.

Zurich RiskIntelligence Exchange - learn about the ability to view loss data from your past and present carriers through the RiskIntelligence Exchange product.

Zurich RiskIntelligence Express - Zurich North America's Customer Services aim at reducing the overall cost of our customers' insurance programs by effectively controlling losses and claim costs. Discover the ease, efficiencies and capabilities that can be yours with Zurich North America.

Zurich RiskIntelligence - obtain current claim and loss reports online

Zurich Safety Plan Resource - Risk Engineering has partnered with OSHA Fast Fix, a leading provider of written OSHA compliance plans, to provide a suite of OSHA-oriented safety plans to Zurich customers. These plans address specific exposures, as well as, OSHA requirements.


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