Zurich North America Lender Environmental Automation Program(LEAP)

Loan Processing

Welcome to the Zurich North America Lender Environmental Automation Program (LEAP) for online loan processing. This user-friendly system is easily adopted by lending institutions to enhance the efficiencies for processing loans through their Lender Environmental Collateral Protection and Liability master policy.

The insurance underwriting process begins with the lending institution and borrower completing and submitting the on-line Environmental Disclosure Form for Borrowers and Lenders. Once the Disclosure Form is completed, a database report from a third party vendor will automatically be run to see if the property is listed on any environmental regulatory databases. This process will provide a quick response to the lender of whether the loan is acceptable to go into their master policy and what the price would be.

If you have any questions about our system, please do not hesitate to the Help Desk at 1-800-462-5541. For underwriting questions contact Jennifer Fields at (770) 887-4273.

In addition, if you need to print a blank Lender's disclosure form you can do so by selecting the form below.

Lender’s Disclosure Form

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