Workers' Compensation

    What if a workers' compensation insurance solution could enhance the performance of your business?

    Some estimates put direct and indirect disability costs at 21 percent of payroll. Other estimates are much higher. At its most basic, workers’ compensation insurance helps to better protect the business that you work so hard to build.

    Zurich’s workers’ compensation coverage and supporting services epitomize our commitment to help small business owners stay competitive and profitable. Zurich distinguishes itself by offering an array of loss control tools that may assist customers in controlling their own losses.

    We offer specialized services that can significantly affect a small business’s performance, such as providing safety plans and return-to-work strategies, instituting claims reporting protocols and fraud investigation and providing a network of medical providers to control costs.

    When the inevitable workplace accidents and injuries do happen, Zurich has a network of seasoned professionals at the ready, including claims professionals, registered nurses, bill review specialists, vendor managers, fraud investigators and helpline personnel.

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