Zurich Lenders Property Reporting System

ATTENTION: Zurich has recently adopted changes which require construction information to be entered. If you are not sure about the construction select the most likely category from the drop down list (Frame, Joisted Masonry, Non-combustible, Masonry Non-combustible, Modified Fire Resistive, Fire Resistive). These changes have no impact on the rate used to price the exposure. This additional information will be used in modeling to help us better understand the exposure in our book of business.

In addition you may be receiving error messages when entering a street address or the property owner’s name. A newly installed edit expects the first character in the street address to be a number and an entry providing the name of the property owner. These edits are being removed. In the meantime whenever you receive the errors

(1) enter the actual street address the post office would use to deliver mail or if such information is not known make the first character in the street address a “1”; or

(2) if the property owner’s name is not known or available insert “unknown” until the edits have been removed.


Zurich North America Financial Enterprises has developed the Zurich Lender's Property Reporting System (ZLPRS) to protect the lender's interest in mortgaged properties and investment properties at the time of loss. The policy provides coverage for Force Placed Property by protecting your interest in mortgaged properties when the mortgagor's insurance coverage has lapsed. It also covers Real Estate Owned properties. The policy will protect your institution's interests in a mortgaged property undergoing foreclosure procedures or investment properties which are owned by your institution and scheduled on the policy.
Access ZLPRS

Along with flexible coverage options, Financial Enterprises also provides easy-to-use tracking software for activity-based reporting. This web-based software provides user-friendly entry screens which assist you in streamlining the insurance process related to force placed and real estate owned properties. The software allows your organization to report activities monthly, quarterly or even bi-annually. If you are an existing LPR customer, you may wish to review the system with your representative, or you may request access via MyZurich and someone will contact you to review.

Note: Flood Zone descriptions have been updated. Please see the attached spreadsheet to help you convert the old description to the new one.
ZLPRS Flood Zones.doc

For your convenience, please see User Guide attached below.

2019 Monthly Extract Dates:

ZLPRS Extract Dates 2019.pdf

For technical assistance, please call our Application Support Center at 1-800-462-5541.

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