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The program puts you in touch with a network of providers. Below you will find a host of medical assistance services. Click on the blue text for information regarding legal, informational and personal assistance.

The ultimate goal of the Zurich Travel Assist Program: providing a familiar standard of care in an unfamiliar place

Medical Assistance*
    Hide details for Emergency Medical ReferralsEmergency Medical Referrals
    Zurich Travel Assist will provide the name, address and telephone number of physicians, hospitals and clinics for the area in which you are traveling. Where possible, the medical provider referred by Zurich Travel Assist will be able to speak your language.

    Hide details for Medical MonitoringMedical Monitoring
    When Zurich Travel Assist is notified of a medical emergency, its multilingual staff will establish contact with the local attending physician and assist with arranging appropriate care. We will maintain contact with the attending physician and with your family and business associates until the situation is resolved and you are able to resume traveling.

    Hide details for Medical EvacuationMedical Evacuation
    In the event a local hospital, medical facility, or clinic is not able to provide you with medical care comparable to Western medical standards, Zurich Travel Assist will arrange and cover the cost of your transportation to the nearest hospital or medical facility which can provide such care.

    Hide details for Medical RepatriationMedical Repatriation
    Once you have sufficiently recovered from an illness or injury to travel in a non-scheduled commercial air flight or regularly scheduled air flight with special equipment and/or personnel, we will arrange and cover the cost of your transportation to your principal residence or the country where you are currently assigned.

    Hide details for Non-Medical RepatriationNon-Medical Repatriation
    Once you have sufficiently recovered to travel in a regularly scheduled economy class flight, we will pay for the increase in cost to change the travel date and/or an upgrade in the seating at our discretion.

    Hide details for Hospital Admissions and Medical PaymentsHospital Admissions and Medical Payments
    If you are having difficulty in making payment arrangements for admission to a hospital or medical provider, we will facilitate admission with a satisfactory guarantee of reimbursement from you. We will debit you credit card and arrange for you to obtain the funds.**

    Hide details for Prescription AssistancePrescription Assistance
    In the event you forgot your medication, Zurich Travel Assist can help arrange for a refill of your prescription and will help locate what you need locally and arrange delivery, where permitted by law.

    Hide details for Visit to HospitalVisit to Hospital
    If you are expected to be hospitalized for more than seven days and request to have a friend or family member at your bedside, Zurich Travel Assist will arrange and cover the cost of economy round-trip transportation for one.

    Hide details for Return of ChildReturn of Child
    If your child, under the age of 19, is left unattended as a result of an illness or injury, Zurich Travel Assist will arrange and cover the cost of economy transportation for their travel home. We will also provide an attendant for a child who cannot travel alone.

    Hide details for Return of CompanionReturn of Companion
    If your traveling companion must forfeit or change reservations for airline tickets as a result of your illness or injury, Zurich Travel Assist will pay the lessor of the change fee or for one way economy transportation.

    Hide details for Return of RemainsReturn of Remains
    In case of death, Zurich Travel Assist will provide for the local preparation of the body to return the remains for burial, including travel clearances, authorizations and standard shipping container to its country of destination.

*Maximum benefit limits may apply to the above coverages. Review the group policy for applicability.

Eligibility and coverage terms under Zurich Travel Assist is provided for you in your group policy. Refer to the group policy to determine when you and/or your family members are covered.

Please consult your benefits for further details and limitations.


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