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The program puts you in touch with a network of providers. Below you will find a host of personal assistance services. Click on the blue text for information regarding medical, legal and informational assistance.

The ultimate goal of the Zurich Travel Assist Program: providing a familiar standard of care in an unfamiliar place.

Personal Assistance
    Hide details for Loss Baggage ServicesLoss Baggage Services
    Zurich Travel Assist will advise you and provide message service to assist with locating lost luggage.
    Hide details for Translation and InterpretationTranslation and Interpretation
    Zurich Travel Assist’s staff of multilingual assistance coordination can help you with foreign language problems over the telephone or provide the name, address and telephone number of local translation services.
    Show details for Emergency MessagingEmergency Messaging
    Hide details for Emergency Ticket replacementEmergency Ticket replacement
    If your travel tickets are lost or stolen, Zurich Travel Assist will help you obtain new tickets through the appropriate carrier.
    Show details for Lost document ReplacementLost document Replacement
    Hide details for Emergency Advance of FundsEmergency Advance of Funds
    Upon your request, Zurich Travel Assist will provide funds with a satisfactory guarantee of reimbursement. We will debit your credit card and arrange for you to obtain the funds in local currency.**

    Show details for Return of VehicleReturn of Vehicle

Eligibility and coverage terms under Zurich Travel Assist is provided for you in your group policy. Refer to the group policy to determine when you and/or your family members are covered.

** Zurich Travel Assist may pass on the service fee for the transaction.

Please consult your benefits for further details and limitation.


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