Informational Assistance

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The program puts you in touch with a network of providers. Below you will find a host of informational assistance services. Click on the blue text for information regarding medical, legal and personal assistance.

The ultimate goal of the Zurich Travel Assist Program: providing a familiar standard of care in an unfamiliar place.

Informational Assistance
    Hide details for Passport and Visa InformationPassport and Visa Information
    We can inform you of visa and passport requirements for any destination and assist you in obtaining necessary documentation.
    Hide details for Weather, Cultural and Exchange InformationWeather, Cultural and Exchange Information
    Zurich Travel Assist can provide you with the latest weather forecasts for major cities, inform you about important cultural events around the world and advise you on daily exchange rates for world currencies.
    Hide details for Travel AdvisoriesTravel Advisories
    Zurich Travel Assist can inform you of latest available travel advisories, including crime alerts and areas of instability, for countries worldwide.

    Show details for Inoculation and ImmunizationInoculation and Immunization

Eligibility and coverage terms under Zurich Travel Assist is provided for you in your group policy. Refer to the group policy to determine when you and/or your family members are covered.

Please consult your benefits for further details and limitations.


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